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Functionally graded materials (FGMs) have been widely used as advanced materials characterized by variation in properties as the dimension varies. Studies on their physical responses under in-serve or external loading conditions are necessary. Especially, crack behavior analysis for these advanced material is one of the most essential in engineering. In this present, an extended meshfree radial point interpolation method (RPIM) is applied for calculating static and dynamic stress intensity factors (SIFs) in functionally graded materials. Typical advantages of RPIM shape function are the satisfactions of the Kronecker’s delta property and the high-order continuity. To assess the static and dynamic stress intensity factors, non-homogeneous form of interaction integral with the nonhomogeneous asymptotic near crack tip fields is used. Several benchmark examples in 2D crack problem are performed such as static and dynamic crack parameters calculation. The obtained results are compared with other existing solutions to illustrate the correction of the presented approach.

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Issue: Vol 18 No 2 (2015)
Page No.: 59-66
Published: Jun 30, 2015
Section: Engineering and Technology - Research article

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Nguyen, N., Tran, B., Bui, T., & Truong, T. (2015). Extended radial point interpolation method for dynamic crack analysis in functionally graded materials. Science and Technology Development Journal, 18(2), 59-66.

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