Focus and Scope


The Science and Technology Development Journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality research that advances the frontiers of science and technology. Our focus is on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, highlighting research that has the potential to significantly impact societal progress and technological advancements. The journal's scope encompasses a broad array of disciplines within the scientific and technological fields, emphasizing the importance of cross-disciplinary approaches to solving complex challenges.

The journal currently consists of the following five sections:

Engineering and Technology: the Journal is not limited to a specific aspect of  engineering Technology  but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. While it encourages a broad spectrum of contribution in the engineering sciences, its core interest lies in issues concerning material modeling and response: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; Petroleum Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Systems Engineering; Process Engineering; Agriculture Engineering; Aerospace Engineering; Applied Engineering; Interdisciplinary.

Natural Sciences: The journal that focuses on every aspects of fundamental and applied sciences research. The journal seeks to publish experimental, computational and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied sciences, engineering, and technology and health sciences. The journal is devoted to related sciences and publishes articles from around the world presenting results of major research from all earth sciences. 

Social Sciences and Humanities: The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, crosscultural studies, demography, development studies, economics, education, ethics, geography, history, industrial relations, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, library science, media studies, methodology, philosophy, political science, population Studies, psychology, public administration, sociology, social welfare, linguistics, literature, paralegal, performing arts (music, theatre & dance), religious studies, visual arts, women studies and so on.

Economics-Law and Management: The aim of the journal is to render the publication of scientific and technical work for the target group of university teachers and researchers, experts in law, management, economics and make room for an intensive exchange of information and ideas. The journal provides opportunity for presenting the latest expertise, research results and knowledge base to extend the rights of management and economics.

Health Sciences: It includes work from basic science, clinical science, dental, nursing and other related medical fields.