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Banana stem from a banana farm in Duc Hoa, Long An contained 40.26% of cellulose, 15.60% of hemicellulose and 12.42% lignin. In this study, the effects of H2SO4 or NaOH concentration, temperature, time on pretreatment of banana stem were investigated. The result revealed that NaOH solution showed better effect on the pretreatment compared with H2SO4. The best pretreatment condition included NaOH concentration of 3.0%, temperature of 60 0C and time of 6 hours.

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Issue: Vol 20 No K7 (2017)
Page No.: 61-67
Published: Nov 27, 2018
Section: Engineering and Technology - Research article

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Ton, N., Mai, D., & Le, M. (2018). Pretreatment of banana stem poweder using acid or base to isolate bioethanol: effects of technological parameters on the yield of the pretreatment. Science and Technology Development Journal, 20(K7), 61-67.

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