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Economic operation of the electric energy generating system is one of the common problems in power system. This paper presents a new metaheuristic optimization method, the Search Group Algorithm (SGA) for solving optimal power flow (OPF) problem. The proposed method is tested for 11 different cases on the IEEE 30-bus and IEEE-118 bus systems, in which the IEEE 30-bus system is tested with different objective functions including quadratic function, valve point effects and multiple fuels. The obtained results are compared with some well-known optimization algorithms to emphasize the effectiveness of the SGA method for solving different OPF problems with complicated functions.

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Issue: Vol 20 No K9 (2017)
Page No.: 15-22
Published: Apr 15, 2019
Section: Engineering and Technology - Research article

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Hoang Bao Huy, T., & Ngoc Dieu, V. (2019). A search group algorithm for optimal power flow in power systems. Science and Technology Development Journal, 20(K9), 15-22.

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