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In Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMSs), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are considered an important element of the manufacturing system. The positioning system of the AGV robot is increasingly intelligent to integrate with manufacturing systems and through an IoT connectivity to find its path and flexibly avoid obstacles without the need for a fixed traditional navigation system. In order for the AGV robot to find its own path and avoid obstacles when required, robots are often equipped with a navigation system to know its current position in the system and compare with the roadmap installed on the robot's controller. To deal with this problem, this paper presents the method to build a robot's roadmap in a flexible manufacturing system where devices are arranged in a matrix style. On that basis, we have developed an algorithm for optimal routing and static obstacle avoidance based on the Dijkstra algorithm. A Matlab computation and simulation program has been written according to the algorithms of this study to explore different scenarios in the production line.

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Issue: Vol 24 No 3 (2021)
Page No.: 2091-2099
Published: Sep 6, 2021

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Hong Thai, N., Trinh, L., & Quoc Dzung, L. (2021). Roadmap, routing and obstacle avoidance of AGV robot in the static environment of the flexible manufacturing system with matrix devices layout. Science and Technology Development Journal, 24(3), 2091-2099.

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