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Ni-Zn soft- ferrite thin films synthesized by ferrite plating on the glass substrates at 80°C. Electric and magnetic properties, mean grain size, thickness of the films were determind. Intial permeability μ0 = 283 as-deposited, and that this can be doubled to 605 upon annealing. These films may be suited for various applications requiring insulating soft-magnetic films.

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Issue: Vol 8 No 1 (2005)
Page No.: 17-20
Published: Jan 31, 2005
Section: Article

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Hai, T., Phuoc, N., Loi, N., & Abe, M. (2005). Ni-Zn FERRITE THIN FILMS SYNTHESIZED BY FERRITE PLATING. Science and Technology Development Journal, 8(1), 17-20.

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