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We designed pairs of primers to amplify Alu element at PLAT (plasminogen activator) locus between the exon 8 and 9 on VIII human chromosome by PCR (Polimerase Chain Reaction). The specificity of the pairs of primers were investigated to select the optimum pair of primers for detecting the Alu DNA segment. A simple procedure was established exprimentally to extract DNA genome from mouthwash to be used as template for the amplification of Alu DNA segment with designed primers. The PCR products were successfully cloned into pBluescript II KS to be used as control in the established procedure. We designed a Kit to practice PCR technique for training students at educational institutions.

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Issue: Vol 8 No 3 (2005)
Page No.: 43-49
Published: Mar 31, 2005
Section: Article

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Phuong Trang, P., Phong, T., Hoang, N., & Thuoc, T. (2005). ESTABLISHMENT OF PROCEDURE FOR DETECTION OF THE ALU ELEMENT IN HUMAN BY PCR. VNUHCM Journal of Science and Technology Development, 8(3), 43-49.

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