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Absorption refrigeration cycle used a common mixture of NH3-H2O has been developing widely. However, almost previous studies are system theory studies and exclusive applications or experimental studies for each component of the system. This paper is (shown?) showed the state points of the fluids in designed NH3-H2O absorption refrigeration machine that is the corporation of theoritical (theoretical?) calculations and practical measurements of a completed machine and steady working. The purpose of this paper is optimizing the working condition for (the?) entire machine according to the condition in Vietnam and satisfying the heat supplying (supply?). The correlation of optimal generation temperature with condensation, absorption and evaporation temperatures of the machine components are set into (a?) an regression equation which was established in the multivariate regression method. The optimal coefficients of performance were compared with experiments having the average deviation is 1.2% and with other studies having the deviations are from 2 to 7%.

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Issue: Vol 20 No K1 (2017)
Page No.: 42-49
Published: Mar 31, 2017
Section: Engineering and Technology - Research article

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Hieu Nghia, N., Chi Hiep, L., & An Quoc, H. (2017). Theoretical and experimental analysis evaluating the optimal generation temperature of NH3-H2O absorption refrigeration machine for ice-making. Science and Technology Development Journal, 20(K1), 42-49.

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