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In this study, a new development of knee exoskeleton is presented. Kinematic parameters of the proposed exoskeleton are analysed to find relations among forces and torques. After analysing, the damping force of magneto-rheological (MR in short) damper is carried out. The magnetic flux density and the yield stress functions are found, and these functions are bases for derivation of damping force formulation. The forces from the exoskeleton are directly related to the damping force. Hence these values are used as an objective to find the optimized geometry of the damper. The optimization process is done by using ANSYS ADPL. It is shown that the requirement of design is obtained.

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Issue: Vol 21 No 1 (2018)
Page No.: 02-14
Published: Jun 2, 2018
Section: Engineering and Technology - Research article

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Do, P., Mai, L., Le, C., & Tran, T. (2018). Dynamic Analysis of Knee-Exoskeleton and Its implementation to Design of Magnetorheological Damper. Science and Technology Development Journal, 21(1), 02-14.

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