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This study was designed to identify the genetic basis that results in the development of antibiotic resistance in Campylobacter spp. We carried out a molecular examination of 75 strains looking for resistance factors. These strains were isolated from faecal samples of pigs, chickens and ducks at Dong Thap province. There were 89.3 % strains which showed mutations on DNA gyrase-gyrA gene at the position 86 (C257T and T227G). There were also a further 32 % strains that showed mutations on gene cmeR encoding the efflux CmeABC pump system. This study has also shown that 29.3 % of Campylobacter spp. have mutations in fluoroquinolone (FQ) resistance on both genes gyrA and cmeR. In comparison with Campylobacter jejuni with the mutation C257T (Thr-86-Ile), Campylobacter coli has another mutation at T227G (Thr-86-Met). This mutation, encoding FQ resistance, is common in both swine and poultry but has not yet been identified in Viet Nam. As well as FQ resistance, resistance to erythromycine (Ery) has been detected in C. coli, in 10 strains erythromycin resistance, with a mutation at position A2075G. There was 1 strain which carried two mutations A2075G and A2074C at 23S-rRNA gene, and 2 mutant strains with a double mutation at A2075G and A2076C. In summary, there were three strains of C. coli with double mutations encoding Ery resistance at Dong Thap and this resistance characteristic has not been identified eslewhere.

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Issue: Vol 19 No 1 (2016)
Page No.: 45-54
Published: Mar 31, 2016
Section: Natural Sciences - Research article

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Cao, T., Nguyen, H., Tran, H., Campbell, J., Baker, S., & Phan, T. (2016). Antimicrobial resistance among Campylobacter spp. strains isolated from faecal samples of pigs chickens and ducks at Dong Thap province. Science and Technology Development Journal, 19(1), 45-54.

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