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The biosurfactants from microbial origin increasingly gained interests because of their application in many field and excellent properties compared to surfactants from chemical origin, such as the higher biodegradability, lower toxicity and environmentally friendly. Sophorolipids, biosurfactants of glycolipid groups are produced through the fermentation by nonpathogenic yeasts such as Candida bombicola. In this study, we investigated the production, surveyed properties of sophorolipids through fermentation by C. bombicola from coconut oil. The results showed that the yield of sophorolipid obtained after 7 days of culture was 14.6 g/L, the surface tension was 40 mN/m. The obtained sophorolipid showed ability to be resistant to some bacteria such as E. coli, B. subtilis, P. aeruginosa, and S. aureus. Through DPPH experiment, sophorolipids showed the scavenging acitivity with IC50 = 1.4063 mg/mL. These results showed that sophorolipids could be applied in cosmetics.

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Issue: Vol 19 No 4 (2016)
Page No.: 15-25
Published: Dec 31, 2016
Section: Natural Sciences - Research article

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Le, L., Ngo, H., Hoang, K., Nguyen, D., Nguyen, D., Nguyen, H., & Nguyen, H. (2016). Production and characterization of sophorolipids produced by Candida bombicola from coconut oil. VNUHCM Journal of Science and Technology Development, 19(4), 15-25.

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