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This study aims to: (1) summarize the criteria for selecting suppliers in the supply chain management from literature review and apply of the found criteria to construct the criteria for selecting carton suppliers for PVM Company expanding export market, and (2) analyze and comparethe strategy offinding the new supplier or developing the existing supplier. The in-depth interviews with experts in supply chain management and AHP approach with the support of the Expert Choice software are used for data collection, data processing, evaluating and selecting supplier alternatives. The results show that there are 6 main significantcriteria in choosing carton suppliers for the PVM Company including: quality, cost, delivery, reliability, financial, service. Also, by this study, there are two suppliers, such as, BH Companyand TA Company. Finally, the analytical results suggest PVM Companyshould choose the BH Company as carton supplier for the PVM Company’s export market development.

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Issue: Vol 18 No 4 (2015)
Page No.: 134-143
Published: Dec 30, 2015
Section: Economics, Law and Management - Research article

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Nguyen, N., Le, L., & Le, L. (2015). Supplier selection in supply chain management: AHP approach. A case study in the PVM company’s carton supplier selection. Science and Technology Development Journal, 18(4), 134-143.

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