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Transparenet heat mirror thin films, having high transmittance in the visible region and high reflectance in the infrared region. TiO/TiN/TiO2 films prepared D.C reactive magnetron sputtering method on glass substrates, play role as transparent heat mirror. Besides, the top TiO2 layer has both photo-catalytic and anti-reflective properties. However, st ong thickness dependence of top layer on catalytic properties is a problem need to solve. The experiment shows optimum thickness in order to have good catalytic properties is above 350 nm. This report, we found relationship among thicknesses of films through calculating and experiment. Films prepared, have both catalytic and transparent heat mirror properties with the bottom Tio, layer thickness of 40-300 nm, the middle TiN layer thickness of 16-22 nm and the top TiO2 layer of above 350 nm.

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Issue: Vol 12 No 3 (2009)
Page No.: 24-32
Published: Feb 15, 2009
Section: Article

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Le, T., Nguyen, N., Ngo, C., Nguyen, C., & Tran, T. (2009). PHOTO-CATALYTIC TRANSPARENT HEAT MIRROR FILM TiO2/TiN/TiO2. Science and Technology Development Journal, 12(3), 24-32.

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