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This work investigated the theory of negative ion radiation on ZnO and ZnO:Al target. Found that, negative ions Oxygen are generated from target surface due to surface ionization. Calculating result is nearly equal to experiment. Besides, this work also study the influences of high enegetic negative ion resputtering on electrical and optical properties of transparent conductive films ZnO:Al following different positions on substrate. As a result, located outside plasma edge, films have high resistivity and transmittance. Especially, film is set in perpenticularity to target, whose resistivity gets

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Issue: Vol 7 No 2 (2004)
Page No.: 13-16
Published: Feb 29, 2004
Section: Article

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Hong Phuc, N., Tuan, T., Van Hieu, L., & Bach Thang, P. (2004). INVESTIGATING INFLUENCE OF THE SUBSTRATE TEMPERATURE ON STRUCTURE OF ZnO:AI FILMS PREPARED BY MAGNETRON SPUTTERING METHOD. Science and Technology Development Journal, 7(2), 13-16.

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